Personal Injury Law – Work Related Injury Accidents

Personal Injury Law – Work Related Injury Accidents

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Personal Injury Law – Work-Related Injury Accidents

When a serious accident happens at work, the worker and their family are left with many questions about what to do. Being left without a paycheck and means to support a family because of a workplace accident that was someone else’s fault is frustrating and stressful. Our Law Office has helped many workers and their families with workplace injury or deliberate intent cases.

If you have been seriously injured in a workplace accident, discussing your legal rights with an experienced workplace injury lawyer is important. Many people do not know that workers’ compensation is a very limited system for recovering compensation for injuries. An experienced workplace injury lawyer will examine a worker injury case to determine whether another party, such as the manufacturer of equipment, or even an employer could be held accountable in a civil action.

An employer with workers’ compensation coverage can typically provide limited compensation to an injured person while the person is given time to recover. There are exceptions to the workers’ compensation system which need to be discussed with a lawyer, including deliberate intent and other parties’ negligence.

Deliberate Intent

Deliberate intent is an exception to coverage under the workers’ compensation statute. A worker could file a civil lawsuit if an accident was caused by severe employer negligence. These types of cases are allowed to be filed when:

A specific unsafe working condition existed in the workplace, which presented a high degree of risk and a strong probability of serious injury or death;
The employer knew about the unsafe work condition and the strong probability of serious injury or death presented by the working condition;
The condition was a violation of state or federal safety rules, regulations, or commonly accepted and well-known safety standards in the industry;
The employee suffered serious injury or death due to unsafe working conditions.

Because of the technical aspect of a deliberate intent case, it is important to discuss your case in depth with an experienced attorney to see whether your case falls under the deliberate intent law.

Negligence of Another Party

Another issue that should be examined in a work injury case is whether another party’s negligence caused the accident. Other contractors, equipment manufacturers, subcontractors, architects, engineers, material suppliers, and others could be held responsible for an accident if their negligence caused the injury or accident.

Contact A Worker Injury Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one have been injured in a workplace accident, contact a Workplace Injury Lawyer to discuss your case. We will work to identify whether your case falls under the deliberate intent statute or can be filed against another party and will advise you on your legal rights. Call us to get more information or to set up a free consultation.

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