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What is a green Termite Exterminator?

A green termite exterminator is one who employs natural, non-toxic or environmentally-friendly methods and ways to treat termite infestation.

With the rapid proliferation of termite control and treatment methods, the environment has also equally experienced damage. The early wasteful practices had inevitable consequences on the environment which usually turned out to be long term effects. With the harsh chemicals poured over the soil for example, said soil is altered forever. San antonio Termite control Visit our Website @

With the innovation of pest control and treatment methods, termite extermination has become friendlier to the environment. These are so called green exterminating services. These services recognize the adverse effect to the environment of the old ways of termite extermination.

Some of the green ways that a green termite exterminator uses are:

Use of nematodes

These are microscopic ringworms which, instead of chemicals, are pumped into the ground. The ringworms will eat up the termites when injected or pumped into the infested area. While chemically diluted liquids can cause long-lasting negative effect to the ground or to the soil where it is applied, ringworms are naturally part of the ecosystem and would maintain the balanced soil environment in the area.

Bait blocks made of boric acid

They serve as barriers which the termites will consume and will cause their termination.

Desiccating dusts

The two types of desiccating dusts are diatomaceous earth (DE) or silica aero gel. This termite treatment is effectively known to dry out fleas and other ground crawling insects as well. Desiccation works well with pests which thrive in moist and dark areas. Termite exterminators suck up the moisture from the ground causing dehydration of the termites.

Another way used by a green termite exterminator is to seal up cracks and crevices. This is also removing potential entryways for termites to the woods of the house or other areas susceptible to their infestation.

Green termite exterminators also re-grade the soil in your area for prevention or termite treatment. Soil re-grading is removing a particular soil layer ensuring that the infested layer is eliminated. Soil re-grading is also done during landscaping and during construction when the soil type is not suitable for the foundation of the structure.Termite Inspection San Antonio

Another green termite extermination employed by a green termite exterminator and that is environmentally friendly is called siding, which is creating a gap between the soil and wood areas so that termites would be redirected somewhere else.

Tapping and nest excavation is also one way used by a green termite exterminator to preserve the environment while treating termites. Tapping and nest excavation is drumming up the soil or the ground area for termites to come out of their nests. Also by tapping and nest excavation, the colonies may be dismantled.
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